So, Why is Text Message Marketing So Powerful?

97% of Text Messages are Opened vs. only 5% of Emails 83% of Text Messages are Opened Immediately 85% of Australians Own a Mobile Phone 82% of Australians Do Not Leave The House Without Their Mobile Phones 68% of Australians Use Text messaging 67% of Customers Prefer Receiving Mobile Alerts 4.1 Billion Text Messages Are Sent Daily Mobile Users Will Out Number PC Users by 2014


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  • Increases Repeat Business
  • Decreases ‘no-shows’ for appointments
  • Promotes customer engagement and LOYALTY
  • Increases Exposure SALES & Revenue
  • Has over 20% redemption rate, that’s 10 times MORE than traditional
  • media such as TV, Print or radio!
  • Easy to manage and understand
  • Easy to track & measure results
Social Media & Web Design

Social Media & Web Design

Target your audience on Facebook.

Our team of experienced and dedicated social media strategists that will setup a brand new facebook page for you (or restructure your existing page) in order to achieve a strong brand message for your potential clients! We have chosen to work alongside the social media company because they are
“A Strategic Social Media Agency That Puts You At The Heart of The Conversation”

POS Hardware & Software

POS Hardware & Software

Need a new POS?

Point of Sale Hardware & software is not only important for maintaining the day to day financial side of your business, but is also a great way of keeping track of your customer database. Our custom built software is geared heavily to SMS marketing instead of just having SMS available as a feature. Consisting of all of the tools available in a general point of sale we have the added bonus of being able to customise all features to suit your individual business type!